Medley Sailing Club Duty Rota 2017
Date Fixture Time O.O.D. Assistant Launch Catering
Sun Mar 5 Boats Out          
Sun Mar 12 Spring 1 2:00 I Howlett S Edwards D Frudd D Edwards
Sun Mar 19 Spring 2 2:00 D Cannon M Strobl I Tullis T Lawrence
Sun Mar 26 Spring 3 2:00 R Redknap S Edwards D Edwards J Larminie
Sun Apr 2 Spring 4 2:00 I Tullis T Lawrence T Davison J Olorenshaw
Sun Apr 9 Spring 5 2:00 P Ledwith S Ledwith H Roffey  S Roffey
Sun Apr 16 Spring 6 2:00 J Venn J Larminie J Hodby M Smith
Wed Apr 19 Evening A 1 7:00 M Strutt   M Sheldon  
Sun Apr 23 Binsey 1 2:15 M Smith A-M Desitter J Venn A Desitter
Wed Apr 26 Evening B 1 7:00 G Sykes   C Sykes  
Sun Apr 30 Port Meadow 1 2:15 J Dawson   A McNally J Foddy A-K Kienzler

Mon May 1 May Morning 09:00        
Wed May 3 Evening A 2 7:00 G Sykes   C Sykes  
Sun May 7 Binsey 2 2:15 J Hodby D Rings G Hoen I Anane
Wed May 10 Evening B 2 7:00 P Dewey   M Lebus  
Sun May 14 Port Meadow 2 2:15 P Dewey J Foddy J Dawson A-K Kienzler
Wed May 17 Evening A 3 7:00 M Sheldon   M Strutt  
Sat May 20 Open Day 11:00        
Sun May 21 Binsey 3 2:15 P Trowles TBA D Roberts J Trowles
Wed May 24 Evening B 3 7:00 R Boden   K Grant  
Sun May 28 Port Meadow 3 2:15 A Godfrey I Anane A Bullock B Dinerstein
Wed May 31 Evening A 4 7:00 H Margetts   K Grant

Sun Jun 4 Binsey 4 2:15 R Stone  J Stone R Saxton C Marsh
Wed Jun 7 Evening B 4 7:00 D Barron   B Hall   
Sat Jun 10 Moth Bowl          
Sun Jun 11 Port Meadow 4 2:15 H Margetts    A McNally P Dickson J Ferguson
Wed Jun 14 Evening A 5 7:00 R Paynter   R Boden  
Sat Jun 17 Punting - Cherwell        
Sun Jun 18 Binsey 5 2:15 R Stone  J Stone L Smith A Lawrence
Wed Jun 21 Evening B 5 7:00 H Smithson   B Hall   
Sun Jun 25 Port Meadow 5 2:15 S Ledwith D H-Slater P Ledwith J Ferguson
Wed Jun 28 Evening A 6 7:00 TBA   P Dickson

Sat Jul 1 Paper Boat Race        
Sun Jul 2 Club Regatta 10:00
Wed Jul 5 Evening B 6 7:00 TBA   TBA  
Sun Jul 9 Binsey 6 2:15 R W-Jones C Clarke M Holyoke P W-Jones
Wed Jul 12 Evening A 7 7:00 H Smithson   D Roberts  
Sat Jul 15 Club Cruise to Eynsham          
Sun Jul 16 Port Meadow 6 2:15 P Styles J Trowles P Trowles A Lawrence
Wed Jul 19 Evening B 7 7:00 N Massie   F Duvell  
Sun Jul 23 Transom 1 2:15 T Smith R Hauser S Ash S Patel
Wed Jul 26 Evening A 8 7:00 P Page   TBA  
Sun Jul 30 Top Mast 1 2:15 A Godfrey S Bickersteth L Smith H Parks

Wed Aug 2 Evening B 8 7:00 TBA   S Pfunder  
Sun Aug 6 Transom 2 2:15 T Davison D Rings S Ash TBA
Wed Aug 9 Evening A 9 7:00 S Burch   A Hutchinson  
Sun Aug 13 Top Mast 2 2:15 P Styles B Dinerstein A Bullock L Bendall
Wed Aug 16 Evening B 9 7:00 N Massie   S Burch  
Sun Aug 20 Transom 3 2:15 D Cannon C Clarke S Lawrance M Holyoke
Wed Aug 23 Evening A 10 7:00 P Page   S Pfunder  
Sun Aug 27 Top Mast 3 2:15 R W-Jones D Hodgkinson G Hoen P W-Jones
Wed Aug 30 Evening B 10 2:15 TBA

  A Hutchinson  
Sun Sep 3 Transom 4 2:15 R Saxton F Duvell D H-Slater S Regan
Sun Sep 10 Top Mast 4 2:15 I Miller S Trowles D Hodgkinson L Bendall
Sun Sep 17 Transom 5 2:15 D Long S Patel G Ferry R Hauser
Sun Sep 24 Top Mast 5 2:15 T Smith S Bickersteth M Sadler H Parks

Sun Oct 1 Transom 6 2:15 R Huggins J Olorenshaw M Lebus J Ash
Sat Oct 7 Autumn Candle        
Sun Oct 8 Top Mast 6 2:15 G Ferry C Marsh D Long D Barron
Sun Oct 15 Autumn 1 2:15 R Paynter K Imai N Dawson L Mason
Sun Oct 22 Autumn 2 2:00 R Huggins S Regan S Lawrance K Imai
Sun Oct 29 Autumn 3 2:00 D Anthony J Ash M Sadler L Coleridge

Sun Nov 5 Autumn 4 2:00 R Redknap J Dowsing H Roffey  S Roffey
Sun Nov 12 Autumn 5 2:00 I Miller D Frudd D Anthony S Trowles
Sun Nov 19 Autumn 6 2:00 I Howlett L Coleridge N Dawson J Dowsing
Sun Nov 26 Boats Away 1:00
  As with the last couple of years, we are continuing to dispense with an AOD on Wednesdays. 
  This seemed to work well and made compiling the rota much less problematic.
  Times are for the first race of the day; all are p.m. except the Regatta.
  If you cannot do your duty please arrange a swap with someone else for a day you can manage.
  Committee members are not in a position to help in arranging swaps – it is up to you!
  We will try to send you a reminder a week or so before, with a list of the others 
  expected on duty that day; please contact each other to confer beforehand.
  NB If you have been assigned a Launch Duty and you are unfamiliar with the MSC Launch
  please contact a member of the Committee to arrange training.
medley oxford,
Jan 27, 2017, 8:14 AM