Race Duty Pack

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The  Race Officers                                                                                          

Race Officers' duties:-


     - OOD                                                                                                            

                setting the racing instructions - an example                               

     - OOD and the rest of the team together                                               

     - OOD and AOD                                                                                            

     - Launch Driver                                                                                              

     - Caterer                                                                                                     


Operating the race sequence:-                                                                          

      - introduction: types of races                                                                                                         

      - pursuit races (spring and autumn)                                                     

      - class races (sundays in summer)                                                        

      - handicap races (wednesday evenings in summer)                              



       - operation of launch outboard motor                                                           

       - service launch operation and handling notes                                                                                 

       - Portsmouth yardsticks and how to apply them                                                       

       -  pursuit race start times                                                                                             


There are four illustrations on the club website which accompany this pack:

               No. 1: 'the medley course'

               No. 2: 'how the race instructions appear on the board'

               No. 3: 'flag sequences'

               No. 4: 'launch controls'




Illustrations (referred to on the web pages)

1. The Medley Course 

2. How the Race Instructions appear on the board 
3. Flag Sequences 
4. Launch Controls 
medley oxford,
Apr 16, 2016, 11:29 AM
medley oxford,
Apr 16, 2016, 11:29 AM