Boatpark clearance

We have a number of trailers, trailer parts, and spars that have been dumped behind the boatshed and not used for some considerable time.


These have now been dug out, quite literally in some cases, from the ground and undergrowth and can be viewed in the Club compound.


We are requesting members who own these to claim their respective items by contacting Andrew Parsons (Rear Commodore) – details below.


Numbered photographs and a list of mast details can be found below.


Have no fear – we will not be charging anyone – however any items not claimed by the 30th April 2024 will then be offered to the general membership.  Any unwanted items remaining after 31st June 2024 will then be disposed of either by sale outside of MSC with any proceeds going to MSC, or removed as scrap. 


If you own one of the items but would prefer for it to be disposed of, or if you would like to request one of the items then please let me know immediately – this will help me to clear the list. If you recognise any items as belonging to ex-members then please let me know.


Anyone claiming a trailer or boom will subsequently be expected to store these within the relevant boat’s berth. Claimed masts should be stored on the rack beside the Clubhouse.



Claim your trailer / parts / spars by 30th April’24

Express an interest in an item by 31st June’24

After 31st June’24 unwanted items will be sold/scrapped